Call for Videos



For this Rob’Arch’s Call for Videos, we have received nearly 80 submissions with a total length of 3:52h, i.e. longer than the Lord of the Rings movie! Out of those videos, we have selected 47 videos to be displayed at Rob|Arch 2018 and online, resulting in a 60% acceptance rate.

The list of ACCEPTED submissions can be found below. We are still sorting out some missing documents etc., so the list may slightly grow over the course of the week. If you have got questions or would like feedback, please get in touch with Note that the affiliations below may have been shortened. The full affiliations as provided by the authors are of course part of the video description.


We greatly appreciate your many, great videos!


3D Printing Concrete on Curved Surfaces, Tsinghua University
Automated Manufacturing and Assembly in Construction, Autodesk
Bending-Active Lamination for Spatial Timber Structures, ITECH Stuttgart
Brick Labyrinth Garden, Tsinghua University
Cable Robot 3Dprinting, IAAC
Communication Landscapes, TU Darmstadt
Concrete Hybridity, TU Delft
Cyber Physical Macro Material, ICD Stuttgart
Design & Build 2018, AA EmTech
Design Miami Pavilions: Flotsam & Jetsam, SHoP
Digital Adobe, IAAC
Digital Composites, ETH Zurich
Digital Igloo, University of Auckland
Dry Joint Column, TU Braunschweig
Engaging Formations, University of Innsbruck
Filigree Robotics, KADK
Free-Oriented Additive Manufacturing, CMU, PUM
Freezing the Field, University of Virginia
Gradual Assemblies, ETH Zurich
Material Networks, Architectural Association
Mesh Mould and In situ Fabricator, ETH Zurich
Musical Robotic Facade, IAAC
Parsimony, Charles Aweida
Penelope Pavillon, DREAM FabLab
po_prostej ceramics, Poznan School of Form
Pop-Up Factory, HENN
Refractions, UfG
Robot Assisted Assembly, IP RWTH
Robotic Fabrication for Craftsmanship, RobotFaber
Robotic Modeling Assistant (RoMA), Cornell et al.
Robotic Needle Felting, University of Michigan
Robotic Thermoformed Acoustic Panels, Perkins+Will, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sewn Timber Shell, ICD, Tongji
Shell Polyhedra, University of Virginia
Spatial Timber Assemblies, ETH Zurich
Stochastic Assembly, Princeton University
Stressed Skin 2.0, UTS, KADK
Systems Reef, University of Sydney, BVN
Sunny Side Up, AATB
Thallus, ZHA
Timber Wave, ICD et al.
Traces of Making, Cornell
upper: self – spatialized material, Poznan
Upsilon, Southeast University
Wood Upcycling, IAAC



Every two years, as part of the Rob|Arch conference on robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design, we send out a Call for Videos and publish the best submissions on the Robots in Architecture Vimeo channel. The videos of the past years were accessed more than 1.3 million times, making the Vimeo channel a central hub for anyone investigating new and exciting robotic applications.


As part of this year’s Rob|Arch we are again asking architects, designers, researchers, artists and anyone else working with robots in a creative way to submit their videos as part of the Rob|Arch 2018 Call for Videos.


A jury will view all videos and select the best submissions. The accepted videos will be properly referenced at all times and displayed without any advertisements/monetization. One initial still image will be added for each video, stating the title, author, and a Rob|Arch 2018 logo. The videos will also be publicly shown to an expert-audience at the Rob|Arch 2018 conference in Zurich. We invite everyone to submit a video, including authors of Rob|Arch 2018 papers who want to showcase their projects.






All submissions should include the video file, the signed release form and a text file including all following information listed below in ONE .zip folder named robarch2018_video_[VIDEO_NAME]. Please submit your video using the link at the bottom of this page. Please contact for all questions. 


Video Release: Download the release from HERE and sign the filled form. Attach a digital copy.


Authors: List of authors with affiliations. Please use the following format: M. Smith, J. Doe… Take care to include everyone involved in a project.


Company/University (where applicable)


Description: A video description of max. 250 words


Link: Can be a link to the company/university, or to a specific webpage relevant to the project. Max. 3 links per video.


Technical Requirements:

Please submit your videos in the highest possible quality with a resolution of at least 1280×720 pixel (HD), ideally in 1920×1080 (Full-HD). We recommend using the H.264 video codec with a bit rate of at least 8Mbps. This results in approximately 60MB per minute of video.