Hello, Robot.
The exhibition “Hello, Robot.” examines the current boom in robotics in detail for the first time. It comprises more than 200 exhibits from the fields of design and art, including robots used in the home, in nursing care, and in industry, as well as computer games, media installations and examples of films and literature in which robots feature.

The excursion to the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur includes a guided tour of the exhibition, and a special sneak peek into the “Rock Print Pavilion” currently under construction as part of the “Hello, Robot.” exhibition.



Date: Saturday, September 15th

Start time and place: Bus leaves at 9.30/14.00 (morning/afternoon rounds resp.) at ETH Hönggerberg meeting point, close to coop supermarket.

End time and place: Bus arrives at 13.30/18.00 back at ETH Hönggerberg

Capacity: 100 (50 max. participants each round)

Zurich Old Town Tour
What do Einstein, James Joyce and Wagner have in common? All three were residents of Zurich. But it´s not only great minds who are captivated by this lakeside city with its well-preserved old town – people from all over the world have always flocked to the thriving metropolis. On a two-hour walk through the old town, we go searching for clues to the city´s past in its hidden alleyways and picturesque squares. Together, we uncover the secrets of Bahnhofstrasse, find out what a “procession axis” is, and visit a church with a minute-hand that jumps a record-breaking half meter every minute. This popular tour is filled with numerous astonishing and amusing anecdotes and has plenty to offer both visitors and locals alike.



Date: Saturday, September 15th

Start time and place: 10.00, in front of Tourist Information Office in the Zurich main train station (Zurich HB)

Duration: 1,5 hours

End time and place: 11.30, Zurich Downtown

Capacity: 20 participatns

Zurich West and MuDA Tour
Zurich West is the unexpected side of Zurich. Multicultural, vibrant, modern and tastefully grungy in some parts. Here you will get to know the new trendy Zurich. The re-urbanization of the old industrial part contrasts with the red light district. You will see Switzerland’s longest viaducts, the Technopark – home of trendy new start-ups in Zurich – Schiffbau a factory turned into a theater, and the Prime Tower, which is currently the highest building in Zurich.
Please note the change in schedule (takes 4h instead of 1,5h as previously announced)

Date: Saturday, September 15th

Start time and place: 10.00, in front of the Prime Tower (Bahnhof Hardbrücke, Zurich)

Duration: 4 hours (including coffee break)

End time and place: 14.00, at the Museum of Digital Arts (MuDA)

Capacity: 30