Pre-Workshop 2

An introduction to industry-grade robotic application development


This workshop is proposed as a masterclass for the new HAL Robotics Framework (due for release Sept. ’17). It will be software based and teach participants to effectively use the framework, supported by on-the-spot assistance. By the end, participants will be able to setup robot cells with custom tooling and calibration, generate trajectories from a number of geometric sources, use the real-time simulation and analysis tools to ensure feasible and safe robot motion, and export code ready for execution on a physical machine. The workshop will also walk participants through a few typical applications of the software, including 3D printing, machining, and pick and place. The team will be there to discuss and, hopefully, resolve any prior issues or questions participants have had relating to the software.


Thibault Schwarz (HAL Robotics Ltd., Founder and President), Tristan Gobin (HAL Robotics Ltd., Director & VP of Construction Automation), Sebastian Andraos (HAL Robotics Ltd., Director & VP of Human-Machine Interactions)

Learning goals

Participants will be following through the tutorials given by the HAL Robotics team and will be supported individually if any issues arise. The intention of the workshop is to cover the vast majority of uses of the HAL Robotics framework and explore as many of the features as possible. This will give the participants a deep knowledge of the software’s capabilities and will enable them to develop their robotic applications effectively and independently when they return to their research environment. The workshop is also intended to give educators or team leaders the necessary knowledge to practically assist their own colleagues or students.
It should be possible for all participants, once they have completed the workshop, to reproduce their own robot cells within the software, calibrate the environment, integrate signals, tools, and program the machines for any work the participant may require.

  • Basic Grasshopper knowledge (referencing geometry from Rhino, connecting components)
  • Basic modelling in Rhino (recommended)
  • HAL Robotics Framework knowledge (recommended)

1 day

Number of participants