Full Workshop 3

Augmented Robotics: Mixed reality environments for on-demand fabrication, assembly and analysis of complex steel structures


The workshop combines robotic fabrication with interactive holographic instructions for assembly. We will leverage this human-machine interaction to reduce the time, cost, risk and complexity of fabricating complex architectural assemblages by eliminating the traditional reliance on 2d documentation, jigs and setout for manual construction and the extensive requirements for robotic programming and computer vision systems associated with fully automated assembly processes. The workshop will construct a building scale aggregation of steel components designed using an agent-based generative process and fabricated with the following methodology:


  • On-Demand Robotic Fabrication – an interactive holographic model is used to stream robotic fabrication commands in real time.
  • Augmented Robotics – The precision of the robotic arm is used to hold parts in space that are then fixed together manually using a holographic guide.
  • Holographic Assembly – Holographic models are used to display the position and orientation of assembled components within a larger aggregation.


For examples of our design work and mixed reality assembly research please see:


Gwyllim Jahn (Fologram, Director), Cameron Newnham (Fologram, Director), Roland Snooks (RMIT University, Associate Professor)

Learning goals

Participants will be introduced to mixed reality environments and their integration with robotic fabrication workflows by designing and constructing a large scale architectural prototype from steel. The design of this prototype will allow participants to develop skills in generative design and interactive robotic control systems. The workshop will ask participants to form small teams to work closely with workshop leaders and take responsibility for one aspect of this process – on demand fabrication, augmented robotics, holographic assembly or iterative analysis. All participants will work directly with Microsoft Hololens headsets throughout all phases of the workshop from design to construction.

  • Basic knowledge of Rhino/Grasshopper (recommended)
  • Windows laptop

3 days

Number of participants