Full Workshop 11

Uncharted Territory – Handheld Cobotic Power Tools in Architecture


This workshop will introduce participants to a novel power tool and invite them to explore new possibilities in terms of digital workflow, on-tool content creation and robotically assisted fabrication.


Shaper Origin is a hand-held cobotic router, which uses computer vision to locate itself precisely on a workpiece. Augmented reality visualizes digital content on the workpiece and keeps track of all changes in real time. While the user moves the tool in X and Y, the machine will automatically adjust its cutter to stay on the user’s desired cut path. With unique on-tool CAD functionality Origin also acts as an intuitive to use precision drawing device.


After a short introduction, the workshops instructors want to dive deeply into hands-on experimentation with the participants to not only master the tool, but to better understand some of the philosophical implications inherent to cobotics when employed in a fabrication environment. Why does it make sense to move a cobot through space? How does it feel to be the toolpath? What are the consequences of an unrestricted build volume?


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Florian Horsch (Digital Fabrication Enthusiast, Shaper Tools Inc.) and Lukas Semmler (Environmental Engineering Student, resident KAOS Berlin)

Learning goals
  • Explore and experiment with AR in hand-held power tools
    • Implications of cobots in the context of craftsmanship and architecture
    • Unique strengths and weaknesses of a hand-held CNC
  • Learn design guidelines to create your own designs with Shaper Origin
    • Understand capabilities of on-tool CAD
    • Design with color-coded SVGs
  • Master operational handling and setup of Shaper Origin
    • Create joinery, inlays and functional parts
    • Fabrication of more complex assemblies and projects
  • Any kind of CAD, 3D modelling or 2D vector-based software skills recommended, but not required.
  • No previous experience in woodworking or CNC machining is required.

3 days

Number of participants