Rob|Arch 2018 Call for Videos: Results

For this Rob’Arch’s Call for Videos, we have received nearly 80 submissions with a total length of 3:52h, i.e. longer than the Lord of the Rings movie! Out of those videos, we have selected 47 videos to be displayed at Rob|Arch 2018 and online, resulting in a 60% acceptance rate.

The list of ACCEPTED submissions can be found below. We are still sorting out some missing documents etc., so the list may slightly grow over the course of the week. If you have got questions or would like feedback, please get in touch with johannes@robotsinarchitecture.org. Note that the affiliations below may have been shortened. The full affiliations as provided by the authors are of course part of the video description.

We greatly appreciate your many, great videos!

3D Printing Concrete on Curved Surfaces, Tsinghua University
AESTUS, odk.design
Automated Manufacturing and Assembly in Construction, Autodesk
Bending-Active Lamination for Spatial Timber Structures, ITECH Stuttgart
Brick Labyrinth Garden, Tsinghua University
Cable Robot 3Dprinting, IAAC
Communication Landscapes, TU Darmstadt
Concrete Hybridity, TU Delft
Cyber Physical Macro Material, ICD Stuttgart
Design & Build 2018, AA EmTech
Design Miami Pavilions: Flotsam & Jetsam, SHoP
Digital Adobe, IAAC
Digital Composites, ETH Zurich
Digital Igloo, University of Auckland
Dry Joint Column, TU Braunschweig
Engaging Formations, University of Innsbruck
Filigree Robotics, KADK
Free-Oriented Additive Manufacturing, CMU, PUM
Freezing the Field, University of Virginia
Gradual Assemblies, ETH Zurich
Material Networks, Architectural Association
Mesh Mould and In situ Fabricator, ETH Zurich
Musical Robotic Facade, IAAC
Parsimony, Charles Aweida
Penelope Pavillon, DREAM FabLab
po_prostej ceramics, Poznan School of Form
Pop-Up Factory, HENN
Refractions, UfG
Robot Assisted Assembly, IP RWTH
Robotic Fabrication for Craftsmanship, RobotFaber
Robotic Modeling Assistant (RoMA), Cornell et al.
Robotic Needle Felting, University of Michigan
Robotic Thermoformed Acoustic Panels, Perkins+Will, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sewn Timber Shell, ICD, Tongji
Shell Polyhedra, University of Virginia
Spatial Timber Assemblies, ETH Zurich
Stochastic Assembly, Princeton University
Stressed Skin 2.0, UTS, KADK
Systems Reef, University of Sydney, BVN
Sunny Side Up, AATB
Thallus, ZHA
Timber Wave, ICD et al.
Traces of Making, Cornell
upper: self – spatialized material, Poznan
Upsilon, Southeast University
Wood Upcycling, IAAC


Every two years, as part of the Rob|Arch conference on robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design, we send out a Call for Videos and publish the best submissions on the Robots in Architecture Vimeo channel. As part of this year’s Rob|Arch we are again asking architects, designers, researchers, artists and anyone else working with robots in a creative way to submit their videos as part of the Rob|Arch 2018 Call for Videos. Accepted videos will also be publicly shown to an expert-audience at the Rob|Arch 2018 conference in Zurich.


You can find the guidelines for preparing and submitting your video as well we as the submission link here.


We invite everyone to submit a video, including authors of Rob|Arch 2018 papers who want to showcase their projects!

Deadline Extension: March 9th

The submission deadline for the full papers has been extended until March 9th, 2018 – Midnight CET!

We’re very much looking forward to your submissions, please take care to follow the submission guidelines and contact us if you have got any questions!

Rob|Arch 2018 team

CALL FOR PAPERS: Full papers due March 2nd, 2018!

ROB|ARCH 2018 now invites researchers and practitioners to submit papers until March 2nd, 2018! Works with strong cross-disciplinary trajectories that actively integrate experts from multiple fields are highly encouraged.



The advent of robotics in the creative and construction industries has led to an amazing revolution, changing not just how things are designed and made, but also transforming knowledge cultures, politics and economics that surround them. As such, the ROB|ARCH 2018 conference – hosted by the NCCR Digital Fabrication and ETH Zurich – will continue this path, developing and revealing novel insights, applications and impacts of this transformation within the scientific, creative, and entrepreneurial domains, including, for example, architecture, structural design, civil and process engineering, art and design, and robotics. A particular focus lies upon cross-disciplinary approaches and applications, providing state-of-the-art knowledge, techniques and methods of robotics not just in individual areas of exploration, but also beyond. These ideals aspire to complement the transformation processes of emerging robotic research and applications, and to redefine cross-disciplinary work in an era of global digitalisation and knowledge transfer. Key topics and issues of ROB|ARCH 2018 include autonomous control systems, advanced construction, collaborative design tools, computerised materials and structures, adaptive sensing and actuation, on-site and cooperative robotics, machine-learning, human-machine interaction, large-scale robotic fabrication and networked workflows.

For more information on submission guidelines and schedule, visit our submissions and schedule pages.